• " Savoir écouter, c'est posséder, outre le sien, le cerveau des autres."

    Léonard de Vinci

  • " Savoir écouter, c'est posséder, outre le sien, le cerveau des autres."

    Léonard de Vinci

  • Corporate media relations strategy

You wish to position your company in the media & expand your activity ?

will help define your message through corporate communications thrusts and angles, targeting media platforms and press contacts related to the themes selected. WORDCOM Consulting advises and helps you shape how you are perceived by potential partners, future investors and others...
- Business case : Scales UP Takeover of its main competitor + raising capital
- Business case : Spartoo €100 millions in sales

Do you want to become a leading player in your industry ?

WORDCOM Consulting also monitors editors' predictions and anticipates old chestnuts. WORDCOM Consulting follows the news relating to your industry on a daily basis, the aim being to organise interviews with journalists to let you express your views on feature stories.
- Business case : Hyperassur Arrangement for appearance on TV news and expression of views about societal issues

Do you want to create excitement in the media with your news & rouse the interest of journalists ?

Your news is a source of wealth, all your events will receive coverage to ensure continuous media presence for your company.
- Business case : Looknbe
Present in 9 countries + 90, 000 registered members in France

  • Corporate media relations concept/product

WORDCOM Consulting offers several solutions for your product or idea :

  • Product placement
    - Business case : Unconventional Paris
    placement of a product on TV (set decoration)
    - Business case : Brandos placement of shoes in shopping mode slideshows on the web

  • Mobilise journalists around an event to present your new products and have them tested
    - Business case : Looknbe mobile application tested by a female journalist from l'Express newspaper
    - Business case : Lilibricole
    Lilibricole course tested by journalists from women's magazines

  • Editors' pick
    - Business case : Envoimoinscher press TV

WORDCOM Consulting aims to position your project or company in the print media, TV, radio, web and blog.